Unlike our competition, DrIVe is owned and operated by a local doctor that has hired the best in the valley that administer IVs that adhere to FDA guidelines.

Dr. Katie Schneller, owner of Inclusive Natural Medicine, a Naturopathic medical clinic in Tempe, Arizona began this mobile IV business with partners Pete Levas and Arthur Miller. DrIVe’s mission is to safely and effectively deliver the necessary vitamins and nutrients to everyone who suffers from things like fatigue, headaches, GI upset, allergies, and more, due to these deficiencies.

We are the mobile IV company for group events such as corporate events, sports events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, weekend hotel parties, and other such celebrations.

By providing your body with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, electrolytes, and hydration, all for immediate use through the blood stream, nutrition and anti-oxidation is achieved which restores your ability to live the life you deserve. With our IVs, patients experience increased energy levels, improved sleep, brain clarity, boosted mood, and restored wellbeing.

Inadequate dietary intake of vitamins and minerals is a widespread problem due to our excessive consumption of energy-rich, micronutrient-poor, refined food diet. Inadequate intake can result in chronic metabolism disruption, mitochondrial decay, which causes DNA damage, oxidant leakage and cellular aging.

Parenteral (IV) vitamins are either water-soluble or fat-soluble. DrIVE focuses in water-soluble vitamins, including but not limited to Vitamin C and B vitamins, because they are relatively non-toxic and do not accumulate in the body.

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